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Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets of companies in this knowledge economy.

Our mission is to support innovative companies and individuals who want to start a business and grow. Our services in the field of intellectual property are specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs, creatives and entrepreneurs.

Business Name and Trademark Creation Services

More often than not, marketing and legal departments don't work together when creating a brand identity. They work one after the other by leaving creativity to marketing and due diligence to the legal department. The result? Internal conflict, misunderstanding, delay in the process and a lot of money spent.

Building a brand identity requires creativity and originality but also compliance with applicable laws and rules. This double requirement can be complex and requires many reviews. At Propulsio 360, we strongly believe that Marketing and Legal are complementary and should work together. 


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  • Evaluation and 30 minute meeting
  • Availability Search for business name and trademark
  • Delivery of a summary of suggested Business and Trademark names
  • Up to 3 company and brand name proposals


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  • Evaluation and 30 minute meeting
  • Availability Search for business name and trademark
  • Delivery of a detailed report and a 45-minute consultation
  • Up to 10 company and brand name proposals
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What are the processing times?

For both packages of the business name and branding service, you will receive an invitation for the evaluation and the 30-minute meeting upon receipt of payment. You will then receive your report two business days after the evaluation meeting for the standard package and within three business days for the premium package.

What are the payment methods?

You will receive an invoice to pay online upon receipt by Interac transfer or credit card. Credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa can be used to make your payment.

Why use Propulsio 360's business name creation services?

We combine two areas of expertise - our legal services and our marketing services. Trademarks and business name are subject to stringent regulations. Our legal expertise ensures that your business name and trademark are legally compliant. In terms of marketing, a company name and trademark is very important as it gives an identity to your company and allows you to differentiate the company from competitors in the market. Considering the marketing and communication that will come with the development of the business and its intellectual property, the name of your business plays a vital role in the growth and perception of a brand. Take the advice of experts and choose a name that reflects your vision!

Why register a trademark?

While Canadian trademark law protects both registered and unregistered trademarks, more rights are granted to registered trademarks. Registering your trade-mark is the only way to ensure that your mark is truly protected and gives you the exclusive right to use the mark throughout Canada. In order to ensure the availability of a trade-mark in Canada, we also recommend conducting an availability search. For more information on availability searches and trade-mark registration, you can contact our counsels.

Intellectual Property Asset Audit

Intellectual property is most often an underestimated and under-declared asset for many companies. Small or large, every company has an interest in identifying the intellectual assets to be protected and securing them as intellectual property rights.

An intellectual property audit allows you to identify your current or potential rights. It could be an invention, a new technology, a new trademark, an original software, an innovative design, a unique process and more. These assets have value in the marketplace just like physical assets.

Audit Standard

starting at...
  • Evaluation and 30 minute meeting with a consultant
  • Analysis of the website and other digital media
  • Delivery of an audit summary
  • 30-minute marketing-communications consultation with suggestions
  • Other selected add-ons available (fees extra)

Audit Premium

starting at...
  • Evaluation and 30 minute meeting
  • Identification of your company's intellectual property rights
  • Analysis of the website and other digital media
  • 30-min marketing consultation with suggestions
  • Delivery of an audit report with recommendations

Audit Premium+

à partir de...
  • All standard and premium audit package options
  • Analysis of the intellectual property contracts concluded by the company with third parties (up to 4 contracts)
  • Qualitative assessment of the value of intellectual property assets
  • Delivery of an audit report with recommendations on intellectual property protection strategy

Add-ons Legal & Marketing

A unique service that allows you to benefit from the legal and marketing expertise of our team!

Intellectual property contracts

Recommendations of intellectual property contracts to draft!

195 $

Protect your rights, licenses and privacy with intellectual property agreements.

SEO Audit

Take a full technical audit with our team of experts!

350 $

Technical Audit | Search Engine Visibility | Web Analytics Audit | Mobile Ergonomics | Indexing | Canonicalization | and more.

Business Valuation

Receive an independent assessment of the fair value of your business!

1900 $

Financial review of the company based on information and documents provided by the client, and based on three different multiple comparisons and performance indicators.

Take advantage of our reliable and personalized service in corporate intellectual property in Quebec and Canada!

Protect your intellectual property

We help clients protect and defend their intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs. We understand businesses need comprehensive legal advice to fully realize the potential of their intellectual properties and to protect themselves from the risks of infringement.

Our team of specialists is responsible for copyright registration, title searches, and the negotiation and drafting of copyright marketing agreements. They also develop long-term protection plans tailored to each client’s needs, considering the most likely sources of infringement. To learn more about protecting your intellectual property assets, book a free consultation with our team.

Intellectual property protection is primarily a federal responsibility and consists largely of four federal statutes: the Patent Act, the Trademark Act, the Copyright Act and the Industrial Design Act.

What are the 4 types of intellectual property?

Trademarks, Copyright, Patent, Industrial Design

What are examples of intellectual property?

Intellectual property can protect a goods, a car name, an alcohol, a toy etc and also services, such as marketing services, online retail etc

How do I trademark a word in Canada?

By filing an application for trademark registration with CIPO

Why register an industrial design?

Canada differs from other jurisdictions. Indeed, it does not offer protection for unregistered designs. Rather, Canadian IP protection rights may apply, such as copyright and/or passing off. CIPO assists the registrant by providing a legal claim to ownership as well as the right to prevent others from making, importing, selling or renting articles incorporating the registered design or a substantially similar design.


Recent changes to the Industrial Design Act (November 5th, 2018) have made it easier to register such rights.

Copyright arises automatically upon the creation of an “original work”. An “original work” is work that has not been copied. It is also otherwise produced through the exercise of nonmechanical skill and judgment. Copyright exists, at law, in every original literary, musical, dramatic, and artistic work, if:


The author was, at the date of the creation of the work, a Canadian citizen or resident, a citizen or subject of a foreign country that has adhered to the Berne Convention or any other universal copyright convention, Rome convention or a country that is a WTO member; or


For published work, the work was first published in a Berne Convention country in such a quantity as to satisfy the reasonable demands of the public having regard to the nature of the work. This means, in general, that “publication” has occurred by creation of copies available to the public.

Subject matter for a patent protection right

Under the Patent Act (Canada), an inventor or an assignee of the inventor may apply for a patent. It should be noted that it is the first person to file an application, and not necessarily the first person to invent, who would be granted a patent, under a few conditions.


Patents, in Canada, can be obtained for new inventions, processes, machines, methods of manufacturing or composition. Patent registration is also possible for any new and useful improvement to the aforementioned elements applicable to a specific industry. The key is that there must be at least one new and innovative element to the invention or improvement. That being said, Canadian patents cannot be issued to protect a scientific principle or theorem in the abstract without a practical application.


Business methods are patentable in Canada. However, controversial examination policies have been put in place by CIPO and have been found to create obstacles to patenting business methods and computer-implemented inventions. Patent applications should therefore be specifically drafted in accordance with Canadian examination policies in mind, to maximize the chances that the patent will be granted. Indeed, claim format and content can make a significant difference between acceptance and rejection for some technologies.


It is noteworthy to mention that Canada has no continuation practice, unlike the United States. This means that, contrary to U.S. law, an applicant may not pursue additional claims to an invention which was previously disclosed in an earlier application and which has not yet been issued or abandoned. Also, the scope for filing divisional applications is limited by the particular and distinct double patenting doctrine. Therefore, strategic decisions and appropriate planning should be made with regards to Canadian patent law specifically, and not as a whole with other jurisdictions, as it can be quite different than in other countries.

How do I get intellectual property rights in Canada?

Filing a trademark, Copyright, Patent, Industrial Design at CIPO

Who regulates intellectual property rights in Canada?

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

What is an Intellectual Property Audit?

It's a tool for identifying your potential IP assets and identifying potential risks.

Why should you do an intellectual property audit?

An IP audit can help ascertain whether the business is taking reasonable steps to protect its assets and is not in breach.

Replace by How much does it cost to protect my IP in Canada?

The cost is a cas by cas scenario, including professional fees and gov fees. We recommend scheduling a meeting with a professional.

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