Action Plan - Bill 25

Are you conforming with Bill 25?

At Propulsio 360, we believe that your company’s compliance with Bill 25 depends, above all, on personalized support and an understanding of your internal practices. That’s why we offer to draw up a concise, precise compliance plan tailored to your company’s practices.

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Being proactive and documenting your compliance with Bill 25 is certainly the first step in avoiding the new monetary penalties from the Commission d’Accès à l’Information, which can run into the millions of dollars. Protecting personal information is also essential to your company’s reputation and credibility with your customers.

Action Plan - Bill 25

Taxes not included
Starting at $2400
  • Meeting with a lawyer
  • A simplified account of your privacy and data protection practices
  • Clear benchmarks for compliance with legal requirements
  • A detailed action plan for your compliance


Turnkey information protection legal services tailored to your business needs


Supporting your business is at the very heart of our entry-level service


Because the protection of personal information is first and foremost a matter for your employees, we strive to offer training that is both practical and relevant to your business practices

Are you looking to implement your action plan, or have you already identified specific needs?

Please refer to our additional services:

Support for your practices and drafting of your company's internal policies

In addition to being a legal obligation, a company’s internal policies are the starting point for compliance with privacy legislation.

  • Recommendations on your practices throughout the life cycle of personal information in your company (collection, access, use, retention, destruction)
  • Drafting of fundamental and essential policies with regards to Bill 25
Reviewing and drafting a privacy policy
  • Your privacy policy must accurately reflect your internal practices. It is an essential tool for informing people about your practices, but also for fulfilling your obligation to inform when collecting information from an individual.
Reviewing and bringing into compliance your various means of collection
  • The new consent obligations require a review of your various means of collecting personal information.
Assistance and support in dealing with the Commission for Access to Information (CAI)
  • Have you received a complaint from one of your customers or a communication from the Commission d’Accès à l’Information? We’ll be happy to advise and support you.
Confidentiality incident log

Perhaps you’ve heard that your company is now required to have a confidentiality incident register in place? But did you know that in certain situations, your company must also notify the people affected by a confidentiality incident, as well as the Commission d’Accès à l’Information?

    • Review of your procedures to identify a confidentiality incident and assess the legal need to inform the persons concerned.
    • Drafting of a sample incident log and sample incident letters in line with current regulations and adapted to your business practices.
Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Drafting of internal policies to recognize situations where there is a legal obligation to carry out such an assessment.
  • Draft a PIA process and template adapted to your practice.

Some disclosures of personal information legally require an agreement between you and the company for which the information is intended. It’s also important to review your contractual protections (legal liability) in such a communication situation, whether your company is the communicating party or the one receiving the information.

Your customers can assert their rights under the Act respecting the protection of personal information. Putting a protocol in place to identify the nature of the request and the personal information concerned is therefore essential.

  • Support in setting up a complaints handling process.
  • Support in setting up a process for the various rights of data subjects (right of access, right of rectification, right to withdraw consent, etc.).

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