Legal Risk Assessment Services

Legal Risk Management in Business

Is your business growing? Are you looking for investors? Are you thinking of selling your business? In all of these cases, you are probably considering a financial assessment of your business. But have you considered a legal risk assessment?

It’s important for a business to have optimal legal health to ensure that it is prepared to deal with risks. Laws and regulations differ in each industry and are constantly changing. Each business must therefore ensure that its contracts comply with current legislation and that they are drafted in such a way as to protect it from risks such as those associated with our new realities or inflation. Better to be prepared for potential legal risks than be surprised! Whether it is a question of employment contracts, commercial leases or distribution contracts, our lawyers have all the necessary skills and expertise to audit all of your business’s contracts and give you a report.

What could affect your business:

The legal risk assessment service offered by Propulsio 360 is a proactive approach that proposes to review all of your business’s contracts with third parties or its employees and to present you with a report on its legal situation. This will allow you to have all the keys in hand to make the right legal decisions for your business.

Full evaluation and audit

taxes not included.
  • Meeting with a lawyer
  • Audit of the important contracts of your company
  • Evaluation report preparation
  • Presentation of report results and personalized recommendations
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A company’s legal risk assessment allows executives and managers to know how well protected the company is against legal risks. They can ensure that their contracts continue to meet the laws and standards in our ever-changing world. Having good contracts allows companies to better face different economic situations such as inflation and labour shortages. Our lawyers will give you all the keys to making the right decisions for your business.

What is the difference between a mapping and an assessment?

At Propulsio 360, the assessment is very similar to the legal risk mapping, but does not include the execution of the recommended legal strategies. Indeed, that will be an added feature to discuss with our lawyers afterwards. The legal risk assessment allows you to know your risks and improve your strategic decisions. Our lawyers prepare a complete report on the legal situation of your company. This report includes the identification of your available legal options and proposes legal strategies to facilitate good risk management based on best practices. You can then choose to implement these recommendations and establish a game plan (legal risk mapping) with our lawyers.

Should I do an audit of my intellectual property assets?

If you have intellectual property assets, it is important to protect them. Learn more about our intellectual property services!

I would like to do an evaluation of all of my company's activities. How can I do this?

Developed by the Propulsio 360 team, Snapshot 360 is a tool that helps entrepreneurs see how their business compares to best-in-class companies. Discover Snapshot 360 here for free!

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