Domicile your business

Our team is ready to work with you to set up your virtual office in Montreal. Domiciliating your business is the act of adopting a business address, without your offices being physically located there. We have start-ups, small businesses and self-employed individuals as clients for this service. 

Often, entrepreneurs and businesses will choose the virtual office to improve their image, protect their privacy and increase their local referencing by geolocation. Your business address appears on your Google My Business listing, which subsequently appears on Google Maps. If you register your services with your home address on Google, any search engine query will show your residence. By using Propulsio 360’s domiciliation services, you adopt our reliable business address which protects your privacy. The search engines will then display your home address. Moreover, the virtual office allows your company to reach more potential customers and improve its local referencing in Montreal, Quebec and Canada. The indexation to Google My Business is particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs with limited resources. Indeed, this service allows you to increase your visibility.

The advantages of registering your business with Propulsio 360 :
  • Affordable and competitive price (discount when the package is taken for a year)
  • Mail management: Forwarding of incoming mail and parcels (forwarding fees apply)
  • Use of Propulsio 360 as a business address in Montreal for mail and parcels.
  • Indexing of Google Business and Google Maps to reflect this Montreal address
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Domiciliation (virtual office)

64.99/month when you pay 12 months in advance ($779.99/year)
$79.99 / month
  • Use of Propulsio 360’s address for correspondence purposes and/or as your place of business in Quebec/Canada
  • Re-direction of incoming mail/packages, where needed (postal charges applicable)
  • Digitalization and shredding of incoming mail with no limit on quantities (we store all important and official documents)
  • Google Business and Google Maps indexing
  • Sorting and targeting of urgent/important mail and recommendations, as needed
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