Small Business Grants

In order to allow the realization of projects within your company, Propulsio 360 can assist you in the search for financing.

Whether it is for an expansion, equipment acquisition, modernization, product export or any other ambitious project, obtaining financing is a key element for your success! Given the many existing sources of financing as well as the different eligibility criteria for each program, it becomes profitable to benefit from assistance in obtaining financing that corresponds to your needs.

Complete review of available grants

Overview package
  • Gathering relevant information and documents from the Client
  • Research and review of relevant grants for which the Client may be eligible
  • Complete and comprehensive PDF report outlining the grant programs analyzed and selected
  • Custom recommendations

Draft of grant application(s) package(s)

"À la carte" package
Bank of hours +
  • Collaboration with the Client to gather the required information and supporting documents
  • Review of supporting documents and suggestions of amendments to maximize chances of success
  • Support in drafting missing supporting documents, where applicable
  • Putting together the application package and preparation of the application forms
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