Day 4

In our line of work, we continue to meet so many great companies with fantastic products. With Christmas right around the corner, we asked our team at Propulsio 360 to compile a list of gift ideas with products from Canadian companies they work with. Enjoy!

Favorites: Their original agendas, candles and Christmas cards

Favorites: Their variety of beers

Favorites: Their folding electric bikes

Favourites: Their nail polishes with a creme or holographic finish

Favourites: Their bouquets and their everlasting flowers

Favourites: Their trio of hot sauces

Favourites: Gift certificate for their training or retreat

Favourites: Their body care gift sets

Favourite: Being able to store by lifestyle (zero waste, vegan, etc.)

Favourites: Their cheese-based keto products

Favourites: Their adaptogens

Favourites: Their ready-to-eat meals

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