Propulsio 360 Marketing

Simple and efficient marketing for Quebec’s entrepreneurs and SMEs

To help the province of Quebec’s entrepreneurs and SMEs, Propulsio Marketing created packages and solutions that are simple and efficient. Some can even be eligible for grants, subsidies or credits ! *

For more information regarding the grants, subsidies and credits available, Propulsio 360 Finance will be happy to assist you.

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Nos services

Strategic Advice and Coaching

Tailored Strategic Advice and Coaching for your business’ Marketing.

Our services:

  • Target Market and Feasibility
  • Conduct Market Research
  • Marketing Plan and Strategy
  • Branding and positioning
  • Digital Audit and Strategy (all platforms)

Website Creation

Simple and turnkey solutions for website creation 

We understand the needs of Quebec’s entrepreneurs and SMEs. For this reason, we have adapted our offer. Also, some website projects might be eligible for grants, financing or credits.*

Our services:

  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Analysis Report and Quote

For more information regarding the grants, subsidies and credits available, Propulsio 360 Finance will be happy to assist you.

Click here for more information on grants, financing and credits available to your business.


Your branding needs to stand out!                                  It is the centerpiece of your business

Our services:

  • Professional Logo
  • Marketing Materials (Stationery, Advertising material, etc.)
  • Social Media Template design
  • Generic Image Bank for your industry
  • Full copyright on image and text

Propulsio 360 Legal and its lawyers will be happy to assit you to all aspects of your intellectual property.

Social medias

Generate sales, increase visibility and brand awareness via social media?

Yes, it is possible, but …

Even if we believe that social media is a great tool for Quebec entrepreneurs and SMEs, we also think that these tools need to be adapted to business objectives and available resources. Our approach is adapted for Quebec entrepreneurs and SMEs because we understand their reality and we are very familiar with the social media environment; We have been managing and building brands and magazines since 2014.

Our services:

  • Coaching
  • Tailor-made strategy for your different social media accounts and needs.
  • Implementation of tools that will make you more independante and productive
  • Automation of processes
  • Strategic Use and Guidelines
  • Audit et optimization
    • We audit influencers’ social media accounts and following
  • Community Management
  • Content Creation adapted to each account
  • Targeted online campaigns

Public Relations

We advise, build and protect the image and reputation of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Whether you want to showcase a product or yourself, we can help you build your reputation.

Our services:

  • Strategic Advice and Coaching
  • Reputation Management and E-Reputation
  • Content Creation
  • Press Relations
  • Relations with Bloggers and Influencers
    • Relationship Management
    • Contract drafting with our in-house lawyers
    • Audit of Influencer’s account and following
  • Event Planning (Concept)
  • Product/Service Launch
  • Crisis Management