It’s simple, our Propulsio Legal Team will fill your business needs in a personalized fashion.

Whether your business is starting-up or growing, our legal team can help you in a made-to-measure approach. We understand the reality of entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises (SME), which is why we have developed, over the years, effective and adaptable tools and methods that continue proving their worth in the market.

Start-up your Business

We help you find the right financial model and structure. We help you to build a solid business plan and to apply for grants and subsidies.

Online Incorporation

Your incorporation does not need to be complicated. Fill out our online form and our team will take care of the rest.

Business Growth and Scaling

Your business can grow very fast. We can offer advice to optimize your management at any point in the life of your business.

Buying or Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business involves multiple steps. Our professionals can guide you throughout this process to make it go smoothly.


Your concept has has shown its worth and you dream of replicating it? We can help you from a strategic and legal stand point throughout this process.

Corporate Social Responsabiity

CSR allows you to bring internal and external equity and to create partnerships that will help your business grow.