If you need help with your business plan, your financial model or to submit an application for a grant,   Propulsio 360 Finances can help you with your submissions

Our services

Business Plan and Financial Model

Propulsio 360 Finances understands Quebec’s SMEs and entrepreneurs daily challenges. This is why we firmly believe that a solid financial structure will validate and help your business’ growth

Our services :

  • Support for writing an effective business plan;
  • Research and preparation of a market study;
  • Consulting services for your business plan’s structure;
  • Support for the creation of your financial model

A business plan is a management tool that presents your short, medium and long term vision. It is necessary when you are looking for financing, but above all, it allows you to objectively look at your entrepreneurial journey.

Financial Structure and Programs

Finding financing for a business in Quebec or Canada, requires a lot of time and energy . It is often difficult to navigate through all available programs at various stages of development

Our services :

  • Determine your financing needs and establish a plan for your short, medium and long term goals;
  • Determine your eligibility for scholarships, bursaries, loans and grant programs;
  • Preparing files for scholarships, loans and grants