Bookkeeping Services

Concentrate on the growth and success of your business by outsourcing your bookkeeping needs to Propulsio 360.

We provide small and medium-sized businesses with bookkeeping services, including bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll, GST and QST remittance, and other necessary financial requirements.

Bookkeeping requires consistency and profound knowledge of accounting. It’s essential to perform proper bookkeeping techniques to meet legal, governmental and accounting requirements. Our bookkeeping services are diversified. They include financial reporting, general ledger preparations, and daily or monthly bookkeeping. 

Why Bookkeeping is so important for businesses?

Bookkeeping allows you to make the best financial decisions for your business, such as:

  • Track and compare the current and previous year financial position of your business
  • Forecast your future financial situations
  • Make rational and logical decisions about your business plan
  • Saves you time and energy when in control

For any business, once the company has been incorporated, the sales tax numbers obtained, and the bank account opened, the next step is having a proper way to keep track of the revenue and expenses that the business generates. Bookkeeping does just that. We organize our clients files monthly, do the monthly general ledger entries, bank reconciliations and prepare the reports so our clients can see where their money was spent and what profits the company has made. 

Entrust your bookkeeping to Propulsio 360! Once your bookkeeping service is outsourced, our accounting partners will provide monthly financial reports, enabling you to understand the financial health of your business in order to make better, and faster business decisions. Depending on your specific business needs, they could meet with you on a monthly or weekly basis to go over our reports and provide you with record-keeping or any other financial needs.

Whether you are after cloud accounting or something different, please get in touch with us today! To contact our Professional Bookkeeper and have more information, send an email to info@propulsio360. 

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